How Does A Rare Coin IRA With GoldStar IRA Division Work?

Rare Coin IRA Opening a Rare Coin IRA with GoldStar Trust & Equity Institutional

You are allowed to store rare coins like the American Eagle proof coins inside your IRA account (also known as a Rare Coin IRA). Proof coin IRAs are becoming increasingly popular amongst investors because they have historically proven to increase in value when stocks and bonds are decreasing. They have also been proven to preserve and increase wealth over a long period of time and have maintained value better than many stocks. works hand-in-hand with two of America’s leading Rare Coin IRA custodians, Goldstar Trust and Equity Institutional.

Equity Institutional is an industry leader in providing alternative investment custodial services, including for Rare Coin IRA plans, to brokers, dealers, advisers and sponsors. From its corporate offices in Waco, Texas, Equity Institutional services more than 130,000 individual and business retirement accounts in all 50 states, and the company also supports over 10,000 financial professionals.

GoldStar Trust Company has been an industry leader in providing quality non-discretionary custodial services for more than 20 years. GoldStar’s clients include institutions, brokers, churches and Rare Coin IRA holders. GoldStar Trust is located in Canyon, Texas, and holds over $2.2 billion in custodian assets for clients in at least 38 states.

Equity Institutional
P.O.Box 2526
Waco, TX 76702
GoldStar Trust Company
1401 4th Avenue
Canyon, Texas 79015

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