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Thank you for taking the time to investigate rare coins before making a purchase. Rare coin research is distributed through various sources on the internet and the data you receive will come in all shapes and sizes with contrasting opinions from relatively reliable sources. In order for you to optimize your rare coin research and ultimate investment in coinage you should do a bit of research on the firm you go to for info. Many investors get involved with gold via radio personality endorsements and this cost RARE COIN INVESTORS MILLION IN EXCESSIVE BROKERAGE FEES EVERY YEAR. So do your due diligence and insist on investing with a firm that has an A rating or better with the Better Business Bureau.

Below we have listed the most reliable rare coin links.

American Numismatic Association (ANA)

The ANA is an old and established firm with tons of good information on rarities and common date coinage. Since they don't have a satisfaction rating system many of the member dealers may be wolfs wrapped in sheep's clothing so always call a Rare-Coin.org specialist to get information on any prospective supplier. Their website is www.money.org

The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

This is a great place for households seeking information on investments in rare coins. It's a site loaded with complete data on common year graded coinage and rarities. The PCGS site carries a list of authorized dealers however buyers and sellers should give no mind to creditability as a reference of integrity because PCGS doesn't have a review feature that allows purchasers to review suppliers. The Professional Coin Grading service website can be found at www.pcgs.com

The most important page a rare coin investor can access is the Better Business Bureau website. Yes any one with money can join and businesses hate them because they have always displayed an extortion financial model for soliciting clients. However no other organization has listed customer's complains than the BBB. Ask your local BBB rep via a phone call how many complaints a prospective firm has within the last 12 months and when you hear more than two, exit stage left and continue your search. Their website URL is www.bbb.org

Two good information sources are www.goldcoin.net and www.gold-coin.com and we're reasonably sure the extensive data is correct.

Other sources of info are www.gold-eagle.com, www.certifiedgoldexchange.com, www.certifiedcoinexchange.com - www.coinworld.com, www.numismedia.com.

If you have any questions as to the information provided through the reliable links above please call our precious metals questions and answers desk at 1-800-425-5672 or Click Here For Your Free 2018 Certified Gold Coinage Guide.

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