PCGS Rare Gold Coins

PCGS Rare Gold Coins

PCGS rare gold coins have set the standard for safe haven precious metal investments because they are historically more profitable and better at long-term preservation than standard bullion coins such as the American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. The Professional Coin Grading Service has mastered the art of certification, and they have over 16 million coins certified under their belt, making them the most widely recognized grading company in the world. All PCGS rare gold coins come in individual, sonically sealed and tamper proof container with the Mint State Grading, barcode and serial number clearly displayed for ease of tracking and verification. Since these coins are considered rarities, they are protected from a gold bullion confiscation that could occur if the economy continues to get worse by the day. This gives many investors an edge over standard bullion products and is the reason why many have been diversifying into these rare coinages in order to utilize this impressive advantage.

There are many different types of PCGS rare gold coins and below we have listed the most popular, widely traded investment grade coinages:

  • $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle
  • $20 Lady Liberty Double Eagle
  • $10 Indian Head Eagle
  • $5 Indian Head Half Eagle
  • $2.5 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

If you are considering an investment or collection in any of the above coins or any other certified coinages in general, let Rare-Coin.org assist you by offering you honest assistance and competitive prices. Speak to one of our friendly experts today by calling 1-800-425-5672 or click here to receive your free " Insider's Guide To Certified Coin Investing."

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