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Rare-Coin.org is an informational service dedicated to providing investors and collectors with accurate, up-to-date data on rare gold and silver coinage. We've been proudly working with various rare coins investors since our founding in 1992. We help you directly with a long-term investment plan in the rare coins industry, guiding you towards powerful assets and a more secure portfolio.

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  • We offer the latest market stats, up-to-date pricing, and expert assistance on all your precious metal investments.
  • We assist licensed dealers, institutional & household investors with real-time information on all precious metal products when buying, selling or trading gold, silver and platinum.
  • We offer live quotes on PCGS and NGC certified investment grade coins. Our 2018 Insider's Guide to Precious Metal Investments provides first-hand information on rare coins and how they can benefit your portfolio.
  • We only deal with authentic pre-1933 US coins that are hermetically sealed in tamper-proof plastic holders with both coin grade and certification clearly displayed.

Rare-Coin.org is the go-to exchange with a world class Coinage Research Team that is extremely qualified, with extensive experience analyzing economic conditions and their effects on certified coins. They work directly with our specialists to give you the best support and results possible. Other exchanges specializing in certified coinage come to us for their information.

You are now in control of the world's complete selection of certified coins. Rare-Coin.org's friendly specialists are available to attend all your certified precious metal investment needs from 10AM to 10PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday by calling 1-800-425-5672. To receive your free "2018 Insider's Guide to Gold Investing," please click here..

Rare coins are an excellent, safe investment option, but getting started can be imposing for many who are new to the trade. When you read about the auctions where famous coins sell for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, it may seem like investing in coins is an option only available to the incredibly, incredibly wealthy, who can spend a few million here and a few million there with no worries. The fact is, however, that coin investments are actually quite accessible to every investor, from the wealthy to the middle class and even to those just making ends meet. With that in mind, here are some tips for beginning coin collectors first learning how to purchase rare coins...

Know your coins - This point cannot be stressed enough. Before buying any rare coins, you may want to purchase a guide to coins or visit some coin websites. The main thing is that a rare coin collector is not just an investor, but also a history buff. Coin investing requires sincere passion, but if you’re a newbie, don’t worry; it’s almost impossible not to develop that passion ...

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